Spreadsheets are Love: October 2016

I found 50 old photos I’d deemed lost (and almost cry over it). What I was looking for. Yet another website I own (and host) and had completely forgotten about. A new way to make time go by faster. I wrote …some things in an interview with the lovely people of JSConf Australia (including fun […]

“No cilantro, please” – September 2016

Last night, I spent 8 hours fixing a ton of broken content on this website (which also meant that all my other evening plans fell through). In that process, I stumbled on my old series of “monthly diary with bits and pieces that are usually completely out of context” again – and noticed that a month had […]

It was about time // Copenhagen and Malmö, 2016

Observations, notes, thoughts, music from a short trip to Copenhagen and Malmö in summer 2016. Ramblings written down while hanging out in hotel beds, strolling around, or riding boats and trains; because everything needs to go somewhere. Day 1 It was about time that I left. I almost didn’t go. It was about time and distance. […]


I keep dreaming in English. I keep dreaming of big cities, wide landscapes, hotel rooms full of light, a room in the south, people I once knew. When I wake up, I don’t know where I am. What’s funny is that, most of the times, I can only stand being in the city because of my vivid […]


I’ll be flying to Oslo tomorrow. When I was just packing my bags, I thought of the last time I was there. It was the summer 0f 2003, and we had been doing a camping roundtrip in southern Norway. It was one of the hottest summers Europe had seen so far, with more than 40°C in my home […]

How to prepare and write a tech conference talk

Why I’m writing this post A few weeks ago, @Charlotteis asked on Twitter about resources for preparing / giving conference talks. Their tweet reminded me that I had meant to write down my process for a very long time. So here it is. I’m planning to write two posts about this topic – this first […]

No place to hide: January

I did photo shootings some copywriting wait for a phone call make a list of conferences update my website finally upload my photos of Berlin’s most expensive construction site (aka WTF BER) I saw the snow the Alster someone very expensive buildings in a part of Berlin I’d never been to a community shutting down […]

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