speed of light

We won’t solve problems if we don’t allow ourselves time to think about them.

… I read a few months ago in a post about the tech industry’s pace.

A few minutes ago, I ate a bowl of strawberries and mango pieces and this sentence popped up out of nothing.

Many major things in my life have changed over the past few months, and one of the most important ones was its pace. The pace that I’m moving at. My very own pace.

These changes that happened also led to a quite unintended slow-down, and, even more important, allowed me time to think. For many years before, the way I was moving felt like there was constantly wind whirling my hair because I was running so fast. (I hate running.) This clock that is ticking, each and every second that goes by, gives me distance.

Time is a giver. It’s giving me new perspectives, new insights and, consequently, learnings.

What I have right now are many pending drafts, many notions left unspoken, many ideas only thought out loud. For now, I’m writing them on pieces of paper, I’m quickly typing them into notes, I’m waiting for more time to pass. The day will come when I’ll know that enough time has passed for them to be said out loud. I don’t think that I’ll be solving problems when this day comes. But I’m damn sure they will be ready to do something then.

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