This was quite something. Thinking about it and going over last year’s events, I’m not quite sure how all of it ever fit into one year. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on a red couch with a piano nearby while the wind is blowing outside, I just had some tea and mini pizzas, and,… Continue reading Twenty-Eighteen

Drinkable Haribo, wise Sloths, and the truth about Quokkas: November 2016

I wrote “I GOT THE VISA, LOL” (it was a very desperate “LOL” though) Too many texts About friendship “Actually, it’s about ethics in software development.” – “… … … !!!” “I have no idea about Christmas markets. Every year, I try to be out of town before that’s a thing again.” “” I read The email I’d… Continue reading Drinkable Haribo, wise Sloths, and the truth about Quokkas: November 2016


I keep dreaming in English. I keep dreaming of big cities, wide landscapes, hotel rooms full of light, a room in the south, people I once knew. When I wake up, I don’t know where I am. What’s funny is that, most of the times, I can only stand being in the city because of my vivid… Continue reading concrete

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Explizit ist das neue implizit

Nichts mehr sagen. Und stattdesssen: mit G. im Wohnzimmer sitzen, Beat Loops anhören und ihm eine große Karriere im Eurodance-Business versprechen. Eine Choreographie einstudieren und vor Lachen fast vom Sofa fallen. Zu viel Kaffee trinken. Die Katze beneiden, die sich zu einem wollenen Ball zusammengerollt hat. Ein Interview führen. Nach Amerika telefonieren. Singen. Eine Postkarte… Continue reading Explizit ist das neue implizit