And then I accidentally

And then I accidentally stumbled upon a memory card with a few more photos I took in Norway.

The photos are from one of our last days there. It was one of these days when you look out of the window in the morning and a ship is passing by.


One of the days when you’re leaving the cozy cabin for a short walk and suddenly the sky is all cloudy and wonderful.


We stood by the small lake and thought about which house could be ours here.


It was the day when we walked on top of the big hill without knowing where we were going, but exactly knowing what we were looking for.


The day I saw somebody disappear somewhere in the trees,


and found some snow on the path.


It was the day when we jumped over a big, big puddle and my socks got all wet, but then we saw another lake in the valley.


We walked on, the ground got all muddy and slippery, the sun had set a long time ago, and then we reached the top of the big hill.


The whole ground was full of moss and very small plants, and that’s the place where our path ended.


It was Christmas Eve 2014.

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  1. And then I accidentally found your blog. Ever since it´s a wonderful time, whenever there are some minutes to go with your words and pictures somewhere through life or the world and both.
    This time espacially the last photo is wunderful. It´s just the kind of picture, which invites you to look for an inhabitant of the enchanted forest that might be sitting somewhere behind a root…

    Thank you.


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