No place to hide: January

I did
photo shootings
some copywriting
wait for a phone call
make a list of conferences
update my website
finally upload my photos of Berlin’s most expensive construction site (aka WTF BER)

I saw
the snow
the Alster
very expensive buildings in a part of Berlin I’d never been to
a community shutting down that had once been very important to me

I heard
“Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they’re allowed to party for 24 hours.” (A drug researcher on rat experiments in a documentary I watched)

I said
thank you
hello again

I was
afraid of everything (or so)

I went to

I had
too much coffee
an important meeting
not enough pizza
an idea

I realised:
Even if many years go by: in the end, there’s not necessarily as much going on in our lives as we may think.

Well, actually…

By Lena

Fast walker, avid reader, poetry fan, public speaker, violinist, pianist in the making, intersectional feminist. Works in tech, writes about anything here (and less frequently than in the past).

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