No place to hide: January

I did
photo shootings
some copywriting
wait for a phone call
make a list of conferences
update my website
finally upload my photos of Berlin’s most expensive construction site (aka WTF BER)

I saw
the snow
the Alster
very expensive buildings in a part of Berlin I’d never been to
a community shutting down that had once been very important to me

I heard
“Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they’re allowed to party for 24 hours.” (A drug researcher on rat experiments in a documentary I watched)

I said
thank you
hello again

I was
afraid of everything (or so)

I went to

I had
too much coffee
an important meeting
not enough pizza
an idea

I realised:
Even if many years go by: in the end, there’s not necessarily as much going on in our lives as we may think.

Well, actually…

By L.

I walk fast.

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