On community

As I’m writing these lines, I’m sitting at Munich Airport. I’m waiting for my flight home after spending the last two days on a pretty spontaneuos trip to Munich for JS Kongress. Despite knowing of the event, I hadn’t even thought about, let alone planned to go, since I wasn’t feeling very well (and even […]

Books for cold autumn days (and other seasons too)

It’s been a little quiet here for a while (and one day, maybe, I’ll get to all that happened and mostly led to silence). What also happened is that there was the summer that never was, and now autumn has come and stayed with us here in Berlin, mostly in the shape of leave-less trees, […]

New talk online: Debugging the tech industry

In December 2016, I had the honour of closing JSConf Australia, and getting to spend a few wonderful days in Melbourne (if you want to see and read what that was like, this is for you: 12 days of summer: Melbourne in November 2016). More than seven months later and just a few weeks ago, I […]

I want to ride my bicycle (actually, I don’t)

My first bike was named Terry. As most of the bikes I’ve had, other people had it before me, and while its name stayed the same (no one ever found out who came up with that name in the first place), every time it was passed on to another kid, it had even more scratches and […]


I grew up in a small village somewhere in the countryside, in an area of rivers, hills, small forests, and castles. Scattered all over the region around the small village were even smaller villages, often made up of just one, two, three farms, some of them abandoned for many years already. Many hills around the smaller villages were […]

Working in management and feeling productive

I like the sound of big machines. Sat somewhere by a window, looking out, listening to the steady, soft humming of a bus motor, an airplane, a train, I will fall asleep within minutes. The big machines calm me down. The Human in the Machine is a project where 365 authors write about productivity in 2017. As […]

March 2017

Now that the server problems are fixed and I secretly snuck the February blog post out in the open (potential oxymoron? Let’s not think about that, maybe), we’re officially back on track with a look back at March. March was the month of added time zone headaches, and an overall interesting month – one of these times when photos are, […]

February 2017

Now that it’s April and slightly sunny more than once every two weeks, why not think back to February for a bit? Think back to those dark, dark days in the middle of another seemingly endless Berlin winter? I can reassure you, it wasn’t all that dark though. But publishing didn’t work out earlier. – Originally, I’d […]

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