New talk online: Debugging the tech industry

In December 2016, I had the honour of closing JSConf Australia, and getting to spend a few wonderful days in Melbourne (if you want to see and read what that was like, this is for you: 12 days of summer: Melbourne in November 2016).

More than seven months later and just a few weeks ago, I got to go back to Australia to give a similar talk at the Software Art Thou meetup – this time a 60 minutes long talk though (insert scream Emoji here). This also meant that I had a chance to think about and look at the topic again after some time had passed and after I’d had some more time to think about it (and figure out an entirely new narrative and pace for this talk). The result is a talk about the reason why we’re in tech. It’s also my most personal talk so far, and the sum of all I’ve talked about over the last years.

A few days ago, the lovely meetup organisers put the video online – here it is. And if you (like me) prefer reading: you’ll find a transcript of the talk on this page. Enjoy!

(Oh, and I’m working on a few notes / stories / photos about the time in Melbourne at the moment. More on all that soon. I hope.)

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