February 2017

Now that it’s April and slightly sunny more than once every two weeks, why not think back to February for a bit? Think back to those dark, dark days in the middle of another seemingly endless Berlin winter?

I can reassure you, it wasn’t all that dark though. But publishing didn’t work out earlier. – Originally, I’d even sat down to write and publish this post as soon as February was over. Then I ran into (in order of appearance): server issues, lack of interest, new priorities, spring, server issues.

So here we are, in April, with another roundup of my favourite links, books, music, and OHs.

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  • Signs of spring
  • More signs


  • Emails

Watched (or saw)

  • The snowfall
  • The sun
  • The first spring light
  • A beautiful sunset outside the office
  • Clingy panda video

Said or heard

OHs of the month.

  • “I just turned my standing lamp into a will-never-stand-again-lamp.”
  • “Did you just order 12 moustaches? – “Yes. We have to be prepared for Valentines Day.”
  • “I have hormones, I don’t need rum.”
  • “Is this the tall ladies area?”
  • “I haven’t kissed anyone all year!” – “It’s February.” – “So what?”
  • “You may take my seat, but im going to require you to watch my magic trick.”
  • “You’re taller every time I see you.” – “That’s the result of all the pizza.”
  • “But the big question is: do they live up to your high standards in organisational skills?”


  • Nervous
  • Nauseous
  • At a vernissage
  • Wearing a moustache


  • Get a shoe rack
  • Pet a cat
  • Change coffee preferences
  • Buy too many books

I did…, although it was a bad idea

  • Keep counting.


  • A party hat
  • A fine dog
  • A very weird Valentine’s Day
  • Emotional fallout on a Friday night
  • Bird poop on me (again)
  • A pizza-vs-purse-situation (again)


Read Books

  • Kate Tempest: Hold your own
  • Iain S. Thomas: I wrote this for you
  • Jamaal May: Hum
  • Carolin Emcke: Wie wir begehren

Listened to

Said/heard, II

  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “I followed your inspiration, and I shouldn’t have.” — “That’s what I’ve been telling you.”
  • “Are you ready to dedicate your life to pizza?”
  • “Your cauliflower brings all the firefighting boys to the yard.”
  • “Wait a few hours until I send you drunk texts telling you how much I love you.”
  • “How many twitter accounts do you actually have?”
  • “You know the best magic tricks.”
  • “As long as we have cats and pizza, we’ll be together forever.”
  • “Was that a flirting attempt?” — “No idea, but without a dog, they don’t stand a chance anyway.”
  • “This is the year 1881, and you’re the hottest guy at the party”.

I thought

  • About the realness of the chicken
  • About how some puns never stop – even after decades.
  • About how sad it is that some puns only work in one language.
  • About people with giant balloons on trains.
  • About what number of fake proposals per month is normal.
  • About what happens when you’ve been holding your breath for so long, and suddenly get to breathe again?

By L.

I walk fast.

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