Eleven rainbows: Melbourne in Winter 2017

This is a diary of my time in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, containing musings, thoughts, notes written down in June and July 2017. Edited in August 2017 and February 2018. The number of rainbows is true and something else; everything else is as true as you need it to be.  Day 1 A bird on a… Continue reading Eleven rainbows: Melbourne in Winter 2017


I grew up in a small village somewhere in the countryside, in an area of rivers, hills, small forests, and castles. Scattered all over the region around the small village were even smaller villages, often made up of just one, two, three farms, some of them abandoned for many years already. Many hills around the smaller villages were… Continue reading Bats

Patches of Light: Helsinki in December

Observations, music, thoughts, musings, written down over the course of eight days in December 2016 while meandering through Helsinki, Finnland. Preamble Still the rush of an intense day and a stressful trip to the airport inside of me (one of those times when you don’t know if you’ll make it in time), I sit back… Continue reading Patches of Light: Helsinki in December


So let’s talk, that’s all we’ll do, just talk. Zuschauen und winken, wenn alle in den Urlaub fahren. Ein Piercing herausnehmen und dann versehentlich mit dem Biomüll entsorgen. Zwei Handvoll Haare abschneiden lassen von einem Kopf, auf dem doch eh fast keine Haare mehr sind. Gehärteten Klebstoff von einer Tischplatte kratzen. Einen Salbeistrauch wegschmeißen; das… Continue reading Brighton