I keep dreaming in English. I keep dreaming of big cities, wide landscapes, hotel rooms full of light, a room in the south, people I once knew. When I wake up, I don’t know where I am. What’s funny is that, most of the times, I can only stand being in the city because of my vivid […]


I’ll be flying to Oslo tomorrow. When I was just packing my bags, I thought of the last time I was there. It was the summer 0f 2003, and we had been doing a camping roundtrip in southern Norway. It was one of the hottest summers Europe had seen so far, with more than 40°C in my home […]

Should my tech conference / community have a Code of Conduct? – Recommended Resources

(Header Photo from CSSConf EU 2015) The short answer is here: tl;dr Discussions about the necessity and relevance of Codes of Conduct for tech communities and at conferences or other events has been returning every few months over the past years. I’ve put together a list of fantastic resources about the topic that were written by […]

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