Drinkable Haribo, wise Sloths, and the truth about Quokkas: November 2016

I wrote

  • “I GOT THE VISA, LOL” (it was a very desperate “LOL” though)
  • Too many texts
  • About friendship
  • “Actually, it’s about ethics in software development.” – “… … … !!!”
  • “I have no idea about Christmas markets. Every year, I try to be out of town before that’s a thing again.”
  • “stoptimezones2017.com”

I read

I found

  • out how amazing a tea of fresh ginger, a little bit of fresh mint, and lemon juice is
  • A supermarket
  • Summer

I watched (or saw)

  • Good Girls Revolt
  • easy
  • Modern Family
  • The super moon
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Verdi’s Un ballo in Maschera
  • The sea at night (euphemism for: total darkness)
  • Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life
  • A skyscraper during sunset
  • Rainbow-coloured flowers
  • The two prettiest dogs (and they both looked a bit like sheep)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (actually, I didn’t really watch it – I fell asleep every time I tried watching it)
  • Up

I said

  • “I’m waiting for you at the dog parking space.”
  • “Read more of my unsolicited advice in my upcoming book ”The audience doesn’t know what you don’t know’ and more speaking advice I should never have given”. In a book store nearby in spring 2017.”
  • “I’ll take any reason to get my friends together for drinks.”
  • “You can’t just mess up our schedules like this.”
  • “If I were a superhero, I’d be SUPER TENSE WOMAN.” – “………”
  • “Aaaaaaaaall byyyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeelf…”

I was

  • On a train
  • Relieved
  • At the Opera
  • In full on panic mode
  • As ready for a vacation as one can be
  • There
  • On a plane
  • On another plane
  • On the internet again
  • On the most cluttered taxi I’ve ever seen
  • At the coworking space
  • In the park
  • At the most pretentious place on Earth
  • Sad
  • Extremely unrelaxed (or super un-chill, or so; English is hard)
  • Worried
  • Relieved
  • Lonely
  • In the back yard under a tree wearing sunglasses and enjoying the fact that I could see the sun

I did

  • Rearrange my furniture (again)
  • Bring pizza
  • Write a packing list
  • Reschedule meetings
  • Try to chill
  • Burn the tip of my thumb while trying to light a candle
  • Google signs of jetlag
  • Dress up as Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls (yes, I had the shirt, the base cap, and, of course, the beard)
  • Make plans
  • Toss all plans out of the window
  • Take a skyscraper selfie
  • Not see a Quokka (and I’d like to thank everyone who did not point out to me that what I had seen was definitely not a Quokka; thanks for leaving me these 15 minutes of joy, until I googled and found out that it had been a Possum :'( )

I did…, although it was a bad idea

  • Not sleep
  • Go shopping
  • …on a Saturday
  • Decide to re-write a 30-minute-presentation from scratch ?
  • …less than one week before the conference ??? (yes, we all knew it was going to happen)
  • Try to take a 30-minute-nap (and wake up 4 hours later) ???

I had

  • Another cold. (This winter is hard.)
  • More hot lemon juice
  • Meatballs
  • Aioli
  • Thom Kha Gai
  • Pizza
  • Sweet Potato Pancakes
  • Scotch
  • A drink with Haribo (I kid you not; and it was fantastic)
  • A Bagel on the longest day
  • Toothache
  • Soup
  • Garlic bread
  • Granola on the balcony
  • More Meatballs
  • A bagel
  • No coffee

I heard

  • “Let’s get married.”
  • “Stay away from the Koalas, they get you Syphilis.” – “????!”
  • Some very good news.
  • The first person who approached me about plans for new year’s eve
  • “I broke my ice cream cone.”
  • “I don’t think there are sexually prolific koalas… thats a sentence I never thougjt I’d ever say.”
  • “It might be time to harvest sloth hair for the future of medicine.”
  • This article says that it would be the best solution to kill all koalas.” – “??!”
  • “Sloths know something that the rest of us don’t.”
  • “Do you know this amazing website www.youtube.com?”
  • “I’m too relaxed.”
  • “Let there be nothing but our love – Estinto tutto, tutto sia fuorché l’amor.”
  • “Boarding complete.”
  • “I know you said you wanted to take a break. But… don’t.”

I learned

  • I can make people fall asleep by telling them about my experiences in server administration.
  • How to say “mate” like a proper Australian. … Ok, that was a lie.

I listened to

I thought

  • About moons
  • About big life choices
  • About career plans
  • About the concept of home
  • About ways to get a Wombat to come home with me and love me forever <3

By Lena

Fast walker, avid reader, poetry fan, public speaker, violinist, pianist in the making, intersectional feminist. Works in tech, writes about anything here (and less frequently than in the past).

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