“No cilantro, please” – September 2016

Last night, I spent 8 hours fixing a ton of broken content on this website (which also meant that all my other evening plans fell through). In that process, I stumbled on my old series of “monthly diary with bits and pieces that are usually completely out of context” again – and noticed that a month had just passed. So I thought I might as well write one.

I found

  • Roses

I wrote


I said

  • “No cilantro, please.” (I still got cilantro.)
  • “I am SO going to endorse you on Linkedin!” (Never happened.)
  • “You do not ‘yo’ me. I am not a ‘yo’ person.”

I was

  • At a conference
  • Happy
  • Nervous
  • Desperate
  • Sad
  • Alone
  • Excited
  • With my favourite humans


I did (1)

  • Carry boxes (and furniture)
  • Carry a couch all by myself (it was a super light couch, but don’t tell anyone; I looked super cool and super strong carrying that thing just myself)
  • Dye my hair green (only temporarily though)
  • Throw a keynote that was ready completely out of the window, and started writing it all from scratch – two weeks before the conference date
  • Walk around nervously in circles
  • Try purple eyeshadow (and liked it)
  • Keynote View Source Conf Berlin


I did (2)

  • See the fireworks
  • Have celebratory pizza
  • Take a post-conference-recovery-day off (and thank past-me for it)
  • Get new glasses
  • Get a massage
  • Lose the sad puppy eyes
  • Get two proposals (yes, there’s more to these stories; no, I won’t tell; no, I’m not getting married)
  • Meet someone I haven’t seen in 3 years
  • Watch a movie
  • Find the perfect summer outfit. On the last day of summer.
  • Get a free pain au chocolat (which was then stolen by a gang of sparrows gone wild).
  • Carry a pizza box
  • Make a choice


I did…, although it was a bad idea

  • Start always having two cups of coffee on my desk, to ensure a stable, interruption-free supply chain. (It sounded like a good idea.)

I had

  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Kombucha
  • Späti Coffee (and it wasn’t as bad as it sounds)

I realised

  • In how many ways writing is a craft – and can sometimes feel like almost manual labour.

I read


I heard

  • “I have finally understood your life strategy: for every non-coffee thing, you have to do a coffee thing.”
  • “This looks SO romantic!” (it wasn’t)
  • “I brought you a gift!” (One of my all-time favourite sentences.)
  • “I’ve never seen you so relaxed at a conference during daytime.” (I never was so relaxed at a conference during daytime.)

I listened to

  • Girls in Hawaii – Misses
  • Ravens & Chimes – Division Street
  • Heifervescent – Deep Sea Diver
  • Santigold – Disparate Youth
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you ever seen the rain (that’s another story for another time)

I thought

  • “So this is goodbye.”
  • About mutual fangirling
  • About learning and pain
  • About familiarness, and how it sometimes never completely fades; and how gestures, motions, sounds
  • “I wish it were Friday night already.”


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  1. Thank you.
    I for one liked it a lot.
    Also, thank you for not getting married. Horrible custom, and one I am very personally predisposed against right now especially.

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