February 2018

Found What I hadn’t been looking for. 5€ in the street and left them there. Wrote Berlin, Winter (October 2017-February 2018) About my time in Melbourne in Winter 2017 Watched (or saw) The void Belle and Sebastian live Overheard (or said) “You should really get onto teleportation. It helps with so much.” “Another friend just […]

On community

As I’m writing these lines, I’m sitting at Munich Airport. I’m waiting for my flight home after spending the last two days on a pretty spontaneuos trip to Munich for JS Kongress. Despite knowing of the event, I hadn’t even thought about, let alone planned to go, since I wasn’t feeling very well (and even […]

I want to ride my bicycle (actually, I don’t)

My first bike was named Terry. As most of the bikes I’ve had, other people had it before me, and while its name stayed the same (no one ever found out who came up with that name in the first place), every time it was passed on to another kid, it had even more scratches and […]

Formlos und frei: Sommer 2011.

Fünftausendzweihundert Kilometer. Berlin – Dresden – Berlin – Köln – Duisburg – Berlin – Hamburg – Ostsee – Berlin – Düsseldorf – Köln – Duisburg – Berlin – Sczecin – Berlin – Stuttgart – Berlin. Sitzen: Irgendwo auf dem Boden. Vor Polizeiwachen. Vor Bahnhöfen. Auf Bierbänken. Auf Parkwiesen. Auf Bäumen. An Stränden. Auf Mauern. Im […]

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