Spreadsheets are Love: October 2016

I found

  • 50 old photos I’d deemed lost (and almost cry over it).
  • What I was looking for.
  • Yet another website I own (and host) and had completely forgotten about.
  • A new way to make time go by faster.

I wrote

  • …some things in an interview with the lovely people of JSConf Australia (including fun facts about the best jobs I’ve ever had!)
  • “If all else is broken, at least we still got Bey.”
  • “lolnope.” (seriously, though)
  • “See you in November.”
  • About pumpkin soup
  • “Romance is dead.”


I watched (or saw)


I said

  • “This time without Balsamic, please.”
  • “The furniture sounds great.”
  • “Winter is coming.”
  • “This is the first time we’re talking on the phone!” – “And haven’t we done well?!”
  • “At this point, I’m very happy I’m still able to speak English.”
  • “I’m not one to recklessly hate music.”

seal does not approve #builderbonanza2016

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I was

  • Watching the pouring rain, waiting for someone in a woolen jacket.
  • Sick
  • Super annoyed about cancelling things I’d been looking forward to.
  • More spontaneous than I thought I could be.
  • Calm
  • On a bus
  • On a horse
  • By the sea
  • Sick
  • By a fireplace
  • Waiting for a boat
  • Waiting for Tuesday


I did

  • Make Pizza at midnight
  • Spend one night listening to one Beyoncé song over and over.
  • Take a taxi
  • Cancel everything
  • Not wait for a train
  • Start something new
  • Set up a new phone
  • Realise I bought a new lipstick that smells like gingerbread

???? #builderbonanza2016

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I did…, although it was a bad idea

  • not have coffee for 7 days
  • not sleep (not on purpose, though)
  • Explain German railway system to someone and help them find their train home while being super tired.

I had

  • Black tea infused Gin
  • Samosas
  • Soup
  • A good, long cry
  • Hot lemon juice with honey
  • The most awkward night
  • A voice that was 5 levels deeper than usually
  • An extraordinary number of conversations about furniture
  • A great conversation about being in tech


I read

I heard

  • “We need a spreadsheet.” – “It makes me so happy that you say that.”
  • “Meet me by the Döner Place.”
  • “I’d make coffee for you right now.” – “It’s midnight.” – “So what?!”
  • “I’m very happy you speak German.”
  • A song that a Bar Pianist chose to play for me
  • “I love this move of always just showing up.”


I listened to

I thought

  • About how, in the end, everything always comes down to this one song by The National
  • About something with great potential
  • About Venn Diagrams
  • And music


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