Love for books, mangos and Heavy Metal: December 2016

I’d really like to start this post by saying that I tried very hard to finish this in time with the year in review post for the year of 2016. But, honestly, I didn’t even try. For some reason, finishing the post about the whole year felt much more urgent.

But December was a not-half-bad month in the life of the maintainer of this little site on the internet. – I read some cool things, and many people said funny things to me. If you keep reading, you’ll find out all about them below! (And you’ll see a super cute dog I met at an airport.)

I found

  • The entrance to the Speakeasy
  • Fantastic books


Heard (1)

  • “Be straight with us. Are you at the burger truck?”
  • “One drink is no drink. … But we’re not gonna make this a habit!”
  • “I hope someone told you that before?”
  • “Bring the eye patch.”
  • “You only like me for my coffee recommendations.” — “No!… yes.”
  • “What happened was exactly what I expected to happen when you said you were going to Australia.”


  • “Worst case it will be a good story. But I really don’t want to think this way anymore.”
  • A good story
  • Something about taking chances

Watched (or saw)


  • “It’s not because I’m German, it’s just that I’m really not sure if this actually qualifies as humour.”
  • “Once you suppress the thought of garlic, it’s actually drinkable.”
  • “Can’t talk, I have Mango in my face.” – “Is that a euphemism I’m not aware of?” – “No, I literally have a Mango in my face.”
  • “I don’t think I’ll make it to the concert on Friday.”


  • What “timezones are hard” can really mean
  • I choose my books based on who I want to become.


  • Wondering if I missed a chance
  • In Terminal 2, waiting for boarding, listening to Christmas music (not voluntarily)
  • On a plane
  • On another plane
  • Home
  • Jetlagged, maybe
  • Surprised
  • On more planes
  • In an Australian Bar somewhere in Scandinavia (by accident)
  • In many bookstores
  • In the bathtub

I did

  • Make it through Christmas
  • Send a poem
  • Lose a Memory Card
  • Walk home
  • Walk 80kms around Helsinki
  • Come home to flowers

I did…, although it was a bad idea

  • Leave
  • Look for flights
  • Get only one more coffee
  • Count


Heard (2)

  • “Have fun with the adventure that you call life.”
  • “Leave Finnland alone. … I mean it.”
  • “You’re in Helsinki? Is there a conference I’m not aware of?”
  • “You’re a writer – not keeping the personal and professional separated, that’s exactly what you do. That’s where you get your inspiration from.”
  • “Guess there’s no white Christmas this year. Santa will have to come in a Helicopter.”
  • “I’m the only Aussie who didn’t come here for the love of a woman.” – “Then why did you come here?” – “I came here for my love of Heavy Metal.”

Listened to

I thought

  • About goodbyes
  • About Drop Bears
  • About why a Speakeasy is called a Speakeasy in English, while it’s called Flüsterkneipe in German (which literally translates to Shush bar, and which seems to be just the opposite of a Speakeasy)
  • About Christmas presents
  • About time
  • About hope

By L.

I walk fast.

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