Für alle Leute, die schiefe Horizonte, Sonne und schöne Bilder mögen

… hätte ich da was. Lautsprecher an, Kopfhörer auf, und viel Spaß.

Video description & credits:

11 cars. 21 drivers.
11 days. 2,400 miles east.
From Berlin to Astrakhan: Silkroad 2013.

This short german-russian fairytale is based on scenes shot in August / September during the first 11 days of Land Rover Experience Tour 2013 on the track from Berlin to Astrakhan.

Made with fantastic music by the following artists:
P.W&DEE — ??????? ?????
????? ???? — REKA
Aris Appaev — Uzak
?????? — ??? ?? ???????
Aris Appaev — Desire (Master Version)

With many thanks to everyone who made this journey possible and with whom I spent a great time in cars, parks and bars. And special thanks to Alex Kahl (@probefahrer) for the support.

— remember all your journeys and they will last forever.

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