speed of light

We won’t solve problems if we don’t allow ourselves time to think about them. … I read a few months ago in a post about the tech industry’s pace. A few minutes ago, I ate a bowl of strawberries and mango pieces and this sentence popped up out of nothing. Many major things in my life have […]

It’s a ride

It was only four months ago, during an all-day breakfast with a bunch of great people, when someone said the word for the first time: burnout. The word came at me like a warm, friendly breeze, in a sentence of nice words about taking time for oneself, and it felt like a hurricane inside me. Burnout. […]

Norway 2014

In the last days of December 2014, we spent a few days in Norway. My last time there had been for a roundtrip 13 years ago, and I still had those memories of impressive, breathtaking landscapes in mind. We had rented a tiny log cabin located near a small village on an island close to […]


So let’s talk, that’s all we’ll do, just talk. Zuschauen und winken, wenn alle in den Urlaub fahren. Ein Piercing herausnehmen und dann versehentlich mit dem Biomüll entsorgen. Zwei Handvoll Haare abschneiden lassen von einem Kopf, auf dem doch eh fast keine Haare mehr sind. Gehärteten Klebstoff von einer Tischplatte kratzen. Einen Salbeistrauch wegschmeißen; das […]

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