February 2018

Found What I hadn’t been looking for. 5€ in the street and left them there. Wrote Berlin, Winter (October 2017-February 2018) About my time in Melbourne in Winter 2017 Watched (or saw) The void Belle and Sebastian live Overheard (or said) “You should really get onto teleportation. It helps with so much.” “Another friend just […]

Eleven rainbows: Melbourne in Winter 2017

This is a diary of my time in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, containing musings, thoughts, notes written down in June and July 2017. Edited in August 2017 and February 2018. The number of rainbows is true and something else; everything else is as true as you need it to be.  Day 1 A bird on a […]

Berlin, Winter (October 2017-February 2018)

There’s always this one day in the year when it shifts, the day when all of a sudden, the subway station is warmer than the outdoors again. That’s when you know. This is the fifth month of winter. There’s not enough sun for all the sad people here anymore. We try to stay close to […]

January 2018

Found The dog A better understanding Shells Stones Sticks Not what I was looking for Wrote About 2017 What are you so afraid of? – In Pastry Box Project Postcards Half a notebook full of late-night & insomnia notes Overheard or said “I accidentally hit him with my pineapple.” “Are you fighting the coconut again?” Read […]

Patches of Light: Helsinki in December

Observations, music, thoughts, musings, written down over the course of eight days in December 2016 while meandering through Helsinki, Finnland. Preamble Still the rush of an intense day and a stressful trip to the airport inside of me (one of those times when you don’t know if you’ll make it in time), I sit back […]

Das Miel’sche Anti-Winterdepressions-Paket incl. Packungsbeilage

Was ist das Miel’sche Anti-Winterdepressions-Paket und in welchen Fällen wird es angewendet? Das Miel’sche Anti-Winterdepressions-Paket ist eine liebevoll zusammengestellte, hoch wirksame Formel zur Linderung und, frühzeitig eingesetzt, Verhinderung von jahreszeit-, und kältebedingten Stimmungsschwankungen. Anwendungsfall: Winter. Welche Wirkstoffe sind enthalten? Zauberhafte Lieblingsmenschen Gute Freunde Musik! Kneipen & Bars Eine eigene Band

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